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Most of the team at our workshop have worked there since the business established in 1986. With our two senior Goldsmiths, having over 30 years experience within the industry, it allows Harvey’s to offer high quality, handmade jewellery at affordable and competitive prices – something which cannot be achieved within the standard High Street Shop or on the Internet.

One of the main driving forces behind Harvey’s the Jewellers growing success since it first opened its doors in Middleton, Manchester in 1986, is the in house jewellery workshop.

Many of the unique diamond and natural gemstone pieces at Harvey’s are designed and handmade at Harvey’s the Jewellers Central Workshop, Middleton, Manchester. Most of the jewellery starts off as a sketch, to get an idea of the exact design wanted by ourselves or our customer and then we transform it into a 3D wax mould or CAD image to bring the drawing to life.


The Central Workshop also produces handmade bespoke diamond jewellery for the 52 shop THJ Group. Through the buying power of the third largest Buying Consortium in Britain, we can source exceptional quality diamonds and natural gemstones at affordable prices. All items of jewellery made and bought from Harvey’s the Jewellers, come with a free of charge N.A.J (National association of Jewellers) valuation, which can be used as a legal document against any insurance policy and certification of the new item of jewellery purchased.

- The Process -

Free of charge consultation with the customer

Free of charge sketch design

Free of charge CAD image and wax mould

Creation of the piece 2 – 4 weeks

- How the workshop does it -

Below is an example of the exact process behind the creation of a one of a kind, bespoke and handmade diamond ring.


We use drawings, wax and years of expertise for each piece of jewellery.


This process is the same for all bespoke pieces of jewellery from rings to necklaces and matching sets of jewellery.

- The creation of a bespoke Ring -

- Some of our new ring designs -

Using rings given to him by his Grandma, we recreated a beautiful new engagement ring for his girlfriend.