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Member of
The National Association
 of Goldsmiths

Member of
The National Association
 of Goldsmiths

Celebrating 25 Years
One of the leading Manufacturers of gold and diamond jewellery.
Thousands of diamond products manufactured in Harveys the Jewellers own workshop.
All diamond and gold prices guaranteed against any UK competitor.
Official stockist on many major watch brands.
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There’s prosperity
in numbers

The THJ group is now, proudly, the third largest buying group in the UK with a combined turnover of approximately 24 million and 52 independent members. Allison Jacobs chats to its founder Harvey Morgan

“Don’t start having half price sales; expand on what you’ve got. Ask yourself: what is your niche? and work on that”

The members do tend to buy the core products because of the discounts, but then the supplies are driven by the members.

“So how does Harvey believe other retailers can ensure success in today’s economic climate? “Bars and restaurants, they will always be able to charge a little bit more for the wine if the ambience is right, and that’s the independent’s responsibility; to get that ambience right. It does attract the slightly more discerning customer, and that’s the great advantage that an independent has over the multiples – their structures won’t allow for it.

“You have the means to create something unusual as an independent, and that’s what you have to do. Don’t start having half price sales; expand on what you’ve got. Ask yourself: what is your niche? and work on that more than on price promotion. Discerning customers will always come and find you; if a restaurant’s good enough, people will always have a meal there.

Tel: 0161 643 0194, harvey@harveythejewellers.co.uk

Citizen watches declares that Harvey’s “boundless enthusiasm, dedication to staff training and his commitment to developing good personal relations with suppliers, staff and his customers is an inspiration to all in the industry,” while Avia watches describe Harvey as “an astute and committed businessman with an excellent business which he has built by his own efforts and expertise.

”So what’s the secret to running a successful business? “You’ve got to create something bespoke, different, trade to your own part of the world,” he says.

Independence is key to the workings of the THJ group, and Harvey is keen to stress that this is something that marks the group out as different to similar type buying groups. “Anyone who joins the THJ group is assured with complete certainty that they’ll retain complete control over the internal structure of their business. That said, the discounts do drive the core purchasing; a jeweller might not stock brand X, but then have a look in the portfolio and see that they’d get a 22 per cent discount, and so go for it.

Chairman of the THJ group Harvey Morgan opened his first jewellery shop at the age of 24 in Stalybridge, Tameside, and at 26 was one of the founder members of the THJ group, with his main responsibilities being the buying and marketing of jewellery and watches. “Four of us got together to form the group and buy Sekonda watches; I think it was about a ten per cent discount,” he says. “We formed to enable amalgamated buying of watches, and I took care of the distribution side from here. Not long after, we branched into jewellery, too.”

Setting up a group like this is quite unusual, so, was it ever the plan to grow the group to this size? “It was a necessity really, rather than that we had any long-term plans,” says Harvey. Despite this, the group has come a long way, expanding gradually over 22 years to provide a rang of benefits to its members, the most significant of which, especially in today’s economic climate, is a respectable increase in profit margins. “A lot of people would get involved with us and see their turnover stay static,” says Harvey, “but also see an eight per cent increase in gross profit.

“A standard independent jeweller on their own with a turnover of half a million would have to increase his turnover by at least £30,000 for the same profit increase.” Not bad for a £400 per year membership outlay.

“The only way to profit individually is to amalgamate sometimes,” says Harvey. The benefits go beyond just the purchasing, too, there are discounts for other things, like insurance. It works on a lot of levels.

”It’s clear that Harvey has come so far in business by being good at what he does, and commanding respect in the industry.

He’s been elected chairman for the last six years running, which requires a two-thirds majority to find in favour of the same person in a secret ballot, and prior to this he was vice-chairman of the group. Originally Harvey wanted to be an accountant.“I am quite unique in the trade; people do tell me that. I’ve seen many facets of it,” he says. “And we’re approachable people. People generally like doing business with us.” There is no shortage of testimonials to back up this claim, either. Posted on Harvey’s website are endless statements from customers, all delighted with their service from Harvey and his staff in-store, and testimonials from companies crediting good relations with Harvey and the THJ group.



  A recent press release Harvey’s the Jewellers celebrates 25 years in business.

Harveys The Jewellers Shop_001

 Harveys the Jewellers celebrates 25 years...

 As Harveys the Jewellers in Middleton celebrates a quarter of a century in business, Harvey and his team are looking forward to 25 years more

The boss
T.H.J. chairman, Harvey Morgan, is also the founder and managing director of Harveys the Jewellers in Middleton and has been based at the branch since it opened. He has watched the business thrive and been responsible for its emergence as a leading outlet in the area. He said: “I think the thing which makes Harveys so successful is the fact that we do all we can to make sure we offer the best possible service for our customers. We have no interest in hard sell, we are unreservedly committed to designing and producing exquisite jewellery. “This is the reason we have an excellent record of customer retention and a first-class reputation. “People know that when they come to Harveys, they will find what they are looking for,” continued Harvey. “Because we only employ fully qualified jewellers, the advice and opinion people really need when picking out pieces for themselves, friends or loved ones, is always available. And we have some of the most gifted jewellers in the industry working at the Middleton branch. “Harveys is also very much part of the community and supports local opportunity. We employ within the local area and get to know our customers. There is a great deal of trust which is necessary when dealing with expensive and sentimental pieces, so I think that is one reason as to why people come back time and again.”

what they are looking for, without any hard pressure selling techniques. Harveys the Jewellers is so specific about the quality of its products in fact, that as a business it specialises in the design and manufacture of its own diamond jewellery including rings, bracelets and necklaces. All the diamond products are sold with a legal certificate of authenticity which clearly states the cut, colour and clarity of the diamond. Many of the diamond products manufactured are bespoke bearing the company’s mark and all the jewellery is sold with an unconditional 10-year guarantee: this ‘price pledge’ enables customers to buy with complete peace of mind. The organisation has been recognized with many awards on a local and national basis and is highly respected amongst the jewellery sector.

A BUSINESS with longevity and an uninterrupted reputation for consistent customer relations and superior quality of craftsmanship, is a business deserving to be acknowledged. Since its inception 25 years ago, Harveys the Jewellers in Middleton has grown in stature and strength. Incorporated within the T.H.J. consortium, which encompasses 52 outlets throughout the country, despite its continued success, the flagship store and business headquarters has remained true to its roots and the community. All staff are local, fully qualified jewellers, with a genuine respect for their trade. The emphasis at Harveys is to produce exquisite pieces and offer the advice customers need to ensure they are able to purchase exactly what  

Meet the team
Working alongside Harvey is store manageress, Joan Shea, who is also an original member of the team. During her 25 years at Harveys she has been a huge asset, from the initial launch right through the continued development, and has been pivotal in establishing the progressive nature and structure of the business. Her commitment and positive style have helped drive the success of the business to its current heights. Joan is a fully qualified jeweller (R.J.Dip) and has also studied diamond-grading in Antwerp, Europe’s diamond capital.
Another member of the team who has contributed a vast amount to the success of Harveys over the years is Christine Thomspon. She has been an invaluable addition for over 24 years, building on 10 years prior experience within the jewellery trade. Christine has principally specialised in the watch and clock area of the comprehensive product range. The rest of the capable team is made up of time-served, jewellers who have all brought their areas of expertise and knowledge to the diamond centre and who are all commended on their professionalism and easy, competent approach to dealing with their customers. 

Harveys the Jewellers is at 23 Middleton Shopping Centre in Manchester.
Call 0161 643 0194 for more assistance or visit the website harveysthejewellers.co.uk

BRIGHT FUTURE Harveys in Middleton Shopping Centre

 What testimonials
 say about Harveys...

Harvey Morgan took on the Citizen Watch brand in 2005 and in this short period of time his business has become an established Citizen Watch stockist and a relationship we dearly value.
His boundless enthusiasm, dedication to staff training and his commitment to developing good personal relations with suppliers, staff and his customers is an inspiration to all in the industry.
As chairman of the T.H.J Buying Group of Jewellers, comprising 50 quality, independent jewellery businesses throughout the UK, Harvey Morgan has brought additional business skills and professionalism to the Group.

Alan Mace
General Manager
Citizen Watch UK

We have traded with Harvey Morgan for almost all of the 25 years he has been in business. Harvey and his colleagues have been a pleasure to deal with during this time.
We are a major jewellery manufacturer. We have about 3,000 customers in this country.

Harveys is among the highest standard. They pay particular attention to staff training and observing jewellery trends.
The business has a strong structure. Their shop always seems to be full.

Hugh Curteis
Curteis Ltd

The above (Harveys the Jewellers) has been a customer for more than 15 years. Mr Morgan is the chairman and buying spokesman for the T.H.J. Buying Group of Jewellers.
We recommend Mr Morgan on two accounts:
As a trustworthy individual with very good personal relationships with his staff, customers and suppliers.
As an astute and committed businessman with an excellent business, which he has built up by his own efforts and expertise.
I am personally acquainted with Mr Morgan and would be pleased to confirm the above.

EA Day
Managing Director


EXPERT ADVICE The professional team at Harveys the Jewellers

Head Office 23 Middleton Shopping Center Manchester. England M24 4EL. Telephone +44(0)161 643 0194. E-mail info@harveysthejewellers.co.uk

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